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At Derma Spa, we offer a variety of medical laser, injectables and Botox, cosmetic surgical procedures, body contouring  and other non-medical skin care treatments operating under the supervision of Dr. Harlow Hollis — a well known Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon. With a focus on service, quality and expertise at Derma Spa it is all about you!


Since its inception in 1999 as a laser and medical esthetics centre focusing on skin care, Derma Spa has continued to expand into the full service medical esthetics spa it is today with new treatment options and the latest technology.

Dr. Harlow Hollis and his wife Jane were motivated by a wave of impressive new laser skin rejuvenation and restoration concepts filtering into the medical world and purchased a small space down the hall from Dr. Hollis’s cosmetic plastic surgery office on Oak Bay Avenue. They began to offer services to those looking to improve their skin quality.

Encouraged by increased public interest in laser treatments and new approaches to skin care including injectable fillers such as Botox Cosmetic®, Restylane®, and Juvederm®, Derma Spa naturally evolved with the technology it so wholeheartedly believed in. It was not a coincidence that the spa also served to complement Dr. Hollis’s plastic surgery practice by providing post-surgery treatment and non-surgical solutions to those looking for alternative ways to improve their looks. Derma Spa had found its niche as a modern and effective spa that produced dramatic effects for clients.

As a spa filled with lasers and injectable skin care solutions it is not entirely true to the origins of spa, which has an inherent association with pure relaxation, it was always critical to Jane that it progress to include a myriad of services to indulge clients and help them relax. Over the years the small staff has grown to include licensed estheticians, as well as registered nurses, trained laser technicians and a professional injection specialists.

Since inception, Dr. Hollis, Jane and their staff have attended numerous conferences and training workshops relating to laser and new skin-care technology, not only to learn new techniques, but to stay on top of the most advanced training offered in North America. Having established itself as the premier medical esthetic spa in Victoria, Derma Spa has secured its reputation as a highly trained professional service provider that offers clients the most up-to-date treatment methods for their skin care needs.