Q: How safe are laser treatments?

A: Everyone loves a bargain — but at what price? Do your research when it comes to bargain basement pricing for cosmetic laser procedures. Always choose a physician led, properly trained and experienced technician. Ask if the laser platforms are serviced and re-calibrated on a yearly basis as per health Canada guidelines. At Derma Spa our certified laser technicians frequently attend seminars where they are brought up to speed on the newest Laser technology. Do your due diligence. A laser is laser and it can burn when not handled by an experienced certified laser technician.

Q: Will Botox make my permanent worry lines disappear?

A: Yes Botox will help, perhaps better and better as you keep using it every 3-5 months.
This is especially true if you still have relatively good skin elasticity. If the skin elasticity isn’t so good then you may also benefit from appropriate fillers and/or laser fractional treatments.

Q: Will Pearl Fractional Laser help with eye wrinkles?

A: Pearl fractional works to varying degrees on most faces and is quite safe.
The skin penetration by the laser is reasonably good and the coagulation is not excessive (less post treatment problems therefore) and the skin will look refreshed and tighter and better textured. However, if you have a lot of loose wrinkled skin, a surgical blepharoplasty is probably the better approach and then tidy up the skin later with a pearl fractional if texture improvement is still needed.

Q: Can a Person Dye Blonde Hairs to Make Them Darker for Removal?

A: No. Not a chance.
The root color is the thing that is key for lasers to work and the root has to have some color. It matters not what the outside hair color is.

Q: Will IPL hurt or damage my Radiesse filler I had in my cheeks and nasolabial folds?

A: IPL can be used after Radiesse whenever you want.
IPL is sort of like a flash from a camera with many wave lengths, a laser is one solitary light wave length and they are definitely different from each other. There should be no reason not to use both treatments at the same time.