Massage Services

reflexologyRelaxation Massage

Massage helps muscles relax, stimulates a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood and flush areas of chemical irritants that come from inflammation. Treatments are individually and uniquely designed to include Swedish Massage techniques.

30 minutes $55 | 45 minutes $70 | 60 minutes $90 | 75 minutes $110  | 90 minutes $125 | 120 minutes $160

Add aromatherapy to your relaxation massage for only $10!

Hot Stone Massage

Indulge your body’s senses with this unique experience. A combination of hands-on massage and strategically placed warm beach stones works with the body’s chakra system to create a deep soothing massage that will melt mind, body, and stress.

90 minutes $150


Is the gentle placement of hands on the body to induce balance and healing. The practitioner acts as a guide to transfer energy to the client whose body intuitively knows where the healing is best directed. This calms the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems inducing a deeper, meditative state of relaxation. Can be combined with relaxation massage session.

30 minutes $55 | 45 minutes $70 | 60 minutes $90


This relaxing treatment targets tension in the internal organs. Using reflex points on the feet, areas of congestion within the body systems can be identified and the corresponding reflex points stimulated to improve and enhance overall health. Toxins are eliminated, digestion is improved and the immune system receives a boost.

30 minutes $55 | 45 minutes $70 | 60 minutes $90 | 90 minutes $125

R&R Combo – Relaxation Massage & Reflexology

This one-hour treatment is the perfect blend of relaxation massage on the back/neck with reflexology on the feet.

60 minutes $100

Treat Your Feet

Reward your feet to a relaxing and therapeutic reflexology treatment. Stimulating the nerve endings in the feet stimulates vital organs and improves circulation. Beginning with a herbal foot soak and paraffin application, we will customize an essential oil massage with reflexology to soothe even the most tired feet.

45 minutes $65 | 60 minutes $90