Do you want to get rid of an unwanted Mole?

Mole (Keratoses) removal is a cosmetic surgical procedure that can be done at Derma Spa for benign pre-cancerous moles. The moles are removed by excision or with a laser.

A pre-surgical consultation is required. Please call us at 250.598.6981 for further information or to book your consultation.


Worried Your Mole May Be Cancerous?

  • Keep an eye on your brown spots and freckles by checking every month for the following:
  • Is your mole Asymmetric meaning one half of the mole is different the other half?
  • Are the borders of the mole irregular, jagged, notched or poorly defined?
  • Does the moles colour vary from one area to another? Are the colour shades tan and brown, black, sometimes white, pink, red or blue?
  • Is your mole the size of the eraser on the end of a pencil or larger?
  • Is your mole raised or have an uneven surface?

If you have any concerns about your Mole(s) please contact us or your physician.